ComfortClear Carton and Package

The on-the-go,
no-rinse lid wipe for an active lifestyle!

ComfortClear™ Lid Wipes are designed to gently cleanse the sensitive skin around the eyes. These premium lid wipes remove debris, including makeup, from eyelids and lashes and may be essential for patients in managing dry, itchy, flaky skin.

ComfortClear comes with 30 pre-moistened, individually-wrapped, disposable wipes for easy, on-the-go use.

ComfortClear is made from a non-woven material and can easily be used as a warm or cold compress, which may help relieve tired, inflamed eyes. Activate your daily eyelid and eyelash routine for healthier, cleaner eyes with ComfortClear.

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Eyelid Hygiene Graphic
Taking better care of your eyes

Importance of Eyelid Hygiene

One of the most common causes of irritation, inflammation and ocular diseases- like Blepharitis, MGD and Dry Eye- is poor eyelid hygiene. Eyelid hygiene, in the sense of routine cleansing and massage of the eyelids, is well accepted in the management of many disorders of the eyelid.

Eye Care Articles

Benefits of eyelid wipes

While everyone knows how important it is to wash one’s face regularly, many don’t recognize that taking care of one’s eyes should also be part of a daily routine. One of the most common drivers of irritation, inflammation and even ocular diseases like blepharitis, meibomitis and dry eye is poor eyelid hygiene…

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